My Review of Justin Sirois’s MLKG SCKLS

My review of Justin Sirois’s MLKG SCKLS is up HERE at New Pages. An excerpt:

Sirois’s prose glistens with precision. Its sparseness mirrors the parched desert through which Salim and Khalil travel, its lyricism one proof of how resilient we can be in the face of disaster. Clocking in at fifty-five pages, this novelette manages to pack dreamy reveries, juvenile taunts, gorgeous descriptions of landscape, gothic depictions of vultures circling, lapidary views of blood, and doses of humor (like Khalil’s tall tale about a man with a crippled hand whose life was saved by a cigarette) that spell the reader through a harrowing trip to a place that’s, with any luck, safe, or, at least safer…

2 responses to “My Review of Justin Sirois’s MLKG SCKLS

  1. You’re welcome, Justin. And please be sure to drop a line when Falcons on the Floor is published.

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