Silverfish for Bookworms #3

Show Your Work! A poet calls for a new kind of poetry criticism, and a new kind of critic.
By Matthew Zapruder

Enthusiasts mark centenary of modern poetry: One hundred years ago today, a group of poets rebelled against Romanticism in a London cafe and changed the course of poetry
By Mark Brown

Line by Line, Poets Capture the Immigrant Story, New Jersey Style
By Peter Applebome

Author says poetry saved life: Iraqi poet tells her tale of censorship, exile
By Andrew Arnold
Palestinian poetry: On the waste land

Pun for the Ages
World’s End by Pablo Neruda: The poet’s odyssey of self is splendidly captured in this translation by William O’Daly.
By Richard Rayner,0,707173.story

Craig Raine’s Arsehole: Variations on a theme by Helen Farish
By John Tranter

The Writing Life: Maureen Freely
In which the translator of Orhan Pamuk’s works finds herself interpreting more than a language.
By Maureen Freely

Why books won’t change your life: Publishers love to say a novel is unputdownable, or life-changing. I can’t imagine anything worse
By Alastair Harper

Dickens vs. America
Matthew Pearl

In times of trouble, fiction thrives
By Carlin Romano

The Parables of Flannery O’Connor
By Joyce Carol Oates

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