Silverfish for Bookworms #2

New FC2 Podcast with Brian Evenson
Click HERE.

Lingo: What Child is This?
By Ange Mlinko
Click HERE.

3rd Language Creation Conference: Presentations, Posters, and Further Reading
Click HERE.

Kent Johnson’s Homage to the Last Avant-Garde reviewed
By Peter Davis
Click HERE.

The ultimate French intellectual: The thought performances, the love life and the bank statements of the well-connected Paul Valéry
By Paul Gifford
Click HERE.

Ron Padgett’s How to Be Perfect
Reviewed by Jack Cox
Click HERE.

Annie Finch on Listening to Poetry
Click HERE.

George Oppen and Martin Heidegger: The Philosophy and Poetry of Gelassenheit, and the Language of Faith
By Burt Kimmelman
Click HERE.

The Private Barthes: Posthumous publication of the theorist’s journals draws disapproval
By Benjamin Ivry
Click HERE.

Virginia, Jean, and Flannery: A Good Role Model Is Easy to Find
By Carlin Romano
Click HERE.

A Tale of Sadness and Forgetting
By Michael Weiss
Click HERE.

Preserving Languages Is About More Than Words
By Kari Lydersen
Click HERE.

Writers Recommend
Click HERE.

All My Senses, Like Beacon’s Flame: Fulke Greville’s eloquent path to confused arousal
By Robert Pinsky
Click HERE.

Catching up with Lawrence Ferlinghetti
By Heidi Benson
Click HERE.

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