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Before I Moved to Nevada by James Iredell is Out.

James Iredell dropped a line to let me know that his new chapbook is out from Publishing Genius.

Here’s some more info from PG:

Before I Moved to Nevada is a 40-page chapbook, which is a lot, so take some of the water you just boiled, pour a cup of tea, and sit down at your computer and enjoy it slowly. Or even better: build yourself a copy using the print-formatted PDF version. Read it on screen or print it: here at the Publishing Genius home of This PDF Chapbook.

Before I Moved to Nevada is a story about travel, about family, football, friendship, friendship, kissing, sports recreation vehicles, bears, about cabins and rivers. It’s a story that ends with this sentence: “Nothing happened, except for the fish” which is a really good sentence.

Christy Call, who I think is the universal favorite of everyone who went to AWP, drew the deer on the front. There were over 30 emails exchanged proclaiming the superiority of that deer over all other deer. I mean, look at it!