Anti-Oedipus Press Will Publish Nervosities!

Delighted to share that Anti-Oedipus Press will be publishing my first book, Nervosities, a collection of experimental short fictions, in 2024. Ka-pow!

Nervosities chronicles the complexities of identity, memory, history, and language, the various fragmentations resulting from and the violences occurring within and because of these heterogeneities and instabilities. Borne of diaspora and transversalism, Nervosities employs disruptive narrative modes, registers, etc., to deeply engage and interpret our over-saturated and over-stimulated post-industrialized worlds. What is ultimately enacted in these fictions is confrontation with and destabilization of what Deleuze and Guattari via Antonin Artaud call “the cancerous body of America, the body of war and money.”

Helmed by D. Harlan Wilson (an exemplary writer in his own right), Anti-Oedipus Press has a commanding list of fantastic writers that includes Ansgar Allen, Louis Armand, Steve Aylett, Eugen Bacon, Harold Jaffe, Barry N. Malzberg, Lance Olsen, James Reich, Lawrence A. Rickels, and Kim Stanley Robinson. I’m amazed and thankful to be counted among this innovatively unruly number.

Big thanks to editors Bradford Morrow, Jason Teal, Douglas Glover, Adrian Todd Zuniga, and Elizabeth Cohen, who previously published one or more fictions from Nervosities in, respectively, Conjunctions, Heavy Feather Review, Numéro Cinq, Opium Magazine, and Saranac Review!

Big thanks, too, to several other supporters of this work, namely, Rikki Ducornet, Brian Evenson, Robert Lopez, Carole Maso, and Lenina Nadal!

(Image: Bridget Riley’s Current, 1964)

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