Volume 1 Brooklyn Interviews Me!

Happy to share that great writer and critic Tony Trigilio‘s conversation with me about the ten years I’ve spent editing and publishing Big Other has been published in Volume 1 Brooklyn!

Here’s an excerpt:

[I]f there’s any trend, that is, direction to the work I’ve published, it’s contained, perhaps, in something John Coltrane purportedly said: “I start in the middle of a sentence and move both directions at once.” What Coltrane is suggesting here is a kind of “thereness” that isn’t merely the in medias res zone it seems to suggest, but an impossibility space, an always-in-flux place allowing for impossible movement. What it also suggests, maybe even simultaneously, is a possibility space of interruption that’s really a collaboration, that is, a sentence is being or has been uttered and you can insert an utterance within that sentence, the sounds of which are then pushed in both directions toward a beginning and an end, which might themselves be never-ending multiplicities. As for my vision for Big Other, I hope that, through word of mouth, these art objects “especially worthy of love” (as William H. Gass calls them), these gifts, really, will continually find their proper recipients.

Thanks, Tony, for the engaging conversation! And thanks Tobias Carroll for publishing it!

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