New Fiction at Mud Luscious Press!

My untitled fifty-word text appears in [  C.  ] An MLP Stamp Stories Anthology, from the mighty Mud Luscious Press.

Thanks, Andrew Borgstrom and J.A. Tyler!

Other participating writers include: James Tadd Adcox, Jesse Ball, Ken Baumann, Matt Bell, Kate Bernheimer, Michael Bible, Jack Boettcher, Harold Bowes, Donald Breckenridge, Melissa Broder, Blake Butler, James Chapman, Jimmy Chen, Joshua Cohen, Peter Conners, Andy Devine, Giancarlo DiTrapano, Claire Donato, Raymond Federman, Kathy Fish, Scott Garson, Molly Gaudry, Roxane Gay, Steven Gillis, Rachel B. Glaser, Amanda Goldblatt, Barry Graham, Amelia Gray, Sara Greenslit, Tina May Hall, Christopher Higgs, Lily Hoang, Tim Horvath, Joanna Howard, Laird Hunt, Jamie Iredell, Harold Jaffe, Stephanie Johnson, Shane Jones, Drew Kalbach, Roy Kesey, Michael Kimball, M. Kitchell, Robert Kloss, Darby Larson, Charles Lennox, Norman Lock, Robert Lopez, Sean Lovelace, Josh Maday, Dave Madden, Kendra Grant Malone, Peter Markus, Chelsea Martin, Zachary Mason, Hosho McCreesh, Alissa Nutting, Aimee Parkison, David Peak, Ted Pelton, Adam Peterson, Ryan Ridge, Joseph Riippi, Adam Robinson, Ethel Rohan, Joanna Ruocco, Kevin Sampsell, Selah Saterstrom, Davis Schneiderman, Zachary Schomburg, Todd Seabrook, Ben Segal, Gregory Sherl, Justin Sirois, Ken Sparling, Matthew Simmons, Terese Svoboda, Deb Olin Unferth, Timmy Waldron, William Walsh, Rupert Wondolowski and Desmond Kon Zhicheng-Mingdé.

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