New Fiction Forthcoming

Just got the news today that two pieces are going to be published soon:

“The Museum of Oddities & Eccentricities,” a collaboration with Lily Hoang, will be published alongside other collaborations  Lily Hoang did with Kate Bernheimer, Blake Butler, Beth Couture, Debra Di Blasi, Justin Dobbs, Trevor Dodge, Zach Dodson, Brian Evenson, Scott Garson, Carol Guess, Elizabeth Hildreth, Ryan Manning, Michael Martone, Kelcey Parker, Ted Pelton, Kathleen Rooney, Davis Schneiderman, Michael Stewart, and J.A. Tyler (Unfinished, Stories Finished by Lily Hoang, Jaded Ibis Press, December 2010)

And “Spectral Confessions and Other Digressions” will be published in The Official Catalog of the Library of Potential Literature, alongside work by Vanessa Place, Diane Williams, Warren Motte, and other writers (Willows Wept Press, 2010)

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