My Review of Andrew Zornoza’s Where I Stay

My review of Andrew Zornoza’s Where I Stay appears in the Spring 2010 issue of Rain Taxi Review of Books. Check out the table of contents and buy an issue HERE. Here’s an excerpt:

Zornoza’s stories sprawl across landscapes, sift through details with a syntactical sieve, and revel in minutiae; superfluous exposition is replaced by evocative gestures, bland dialogue surrenders to resonant internal monologue. Consider Where I Stay a road map that carefully marks its scorched landscapes and anonymous small towns while also pointing out the desultory crew of squatters, border guards, prostitutes, drug dealers—transitory figures all—who live hardscrabble lives within them. As such, Zornoza is as much a novelist as he is a cartographer of loneliness, doubt, and fear, one that fearlessly delineates the stark realms of disappointment, unrequited love, and unfulfilled dreams.

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