New Issue of The Chapbook Review is Up!

My wife and daughter are in New Hampshire for three weeks, and while I’m happy that my wife is working on her masters in dance therapy, I’m still sad. And I’m continuing to bum myself out with my marathon listening session of the Jackson Five and MJ’s solo stuff.

But on the brighter side, the July issue of The Chapbook Review is up. It features a conversation between Shya Scanlon and Nicolle Elizabeth about Scanlon’s Poolsaid. Following that are reviews by J.R. Angelella, Matt Bell, Andrew Borgstrom, Matt DeBenedictis, Tina Hall, Josh Maday, J. A. Tyler, and John Dermot Woods.

Here’s a link to the introduction:

And a link to the issue itself:

Thanks to all the contributors! It’s so great to work with you on this.

Please spread the news far and wide.

One response to “New Issue of The Chapbook Review is Up!

  1. Another great issue, John. I’ve just added titles to my chapbooks-to-buy list. Now I just need to find some money. Hey, whose purse is that…

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