Molly Gaudry’s Top Ten Novellas

Here’s my list, without commentary—I’m just not sure what I can say about these; I guess I feel the list is stronger as a list, without my bungling it by attempting to discuss it.

The Baron in the Trees, by Italo Calvino

Haroun and the Sea of Stories, by Salman Rushdie

Leaf Storm, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The Decameron, by Giovanni Boccaccio

The Passion, by Jeanette Winterson

In Watermelon Sugar, by Richard Brautigan

The Grass Harp, by Truman Capote

In the Skin of a Lion, by Michael Ondaatje

Nip the Buds, Shoot the Kids, by Kenzaburo Oe

The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway

Molly Gaudry edits Willows Wept Review and Willows Wept Press, co-edits Twelve Stories, and is an associate editor for Keyhole Magazine. Scantily Clad Press published her first e-chapbook of poems, Bloody Floral Sandals, and Publishing Genius Press will publish the first chapter, “Problems of Depiction,” of Mourning Land: A Biomythography as part of its This PDF Chapbook series. Find her HERE.

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