Kimberly King Parsons’s Top Ten Novellas or The Top Ten Shortish Books She Takes to be Novellas When Such a List is Requested

Brotherhood of Mutilation, by Brian Evenson

Willie Masters’ Lonesome Wife, by William H. Gass

Waste, by Eugene Marten

Sleepless Nights, by Elizabeth Hardwick

Ray, by Barry Hannah

On Sexual Strength, by Diane Williams

Zimzum, by Gordon Lish

The Bailbondsman, by Stanley Elkin

Glass, by Greg Mulcahy

Speedboat, by Renata Adler

Kimberly King Parsons is a human female enrolled in Columbia University’s MFA fiction program. Her very short stories have appeared in elimae, Sojourn, and Suddenly: A Journal of Flash Fiction. Visit her HERE.

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