John Haskell’s Top Novellas

A top ten list? That’s a lot of novellas. Also, what’s a novella? I’d say, in no order … The Aspern Papers, by H. James, Death in Venice, by T. Mann, Chekhov certainly (Lady with a Lapdog), Jesus’ Son is a kind of novella, as is The White Album (non-fiction novella) and there’s always Billy Budd, and I’m trying to think of something modern. Stanley Elkin and Samuel Beckett (some of the early stories like First Love) and The Dead by Joyce, that’s about ten. And John Berger, Pig Earth or Once in Europa, they’re short enough, and that’s it.

John Haskell is the author of the novel American Purgatorio and the short story collection I Am Not Jackson Pollock (both from FSG). He is a contributor to the radio programs The Next Big Thing and Studio 360. His forthcoming novel is Out of My Skin. Find him HERE.

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