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Heavy Feather Review Interviews Me!

John Madera's author photo

Check out Micah Zevin’s interview with me on the occasion of Big Other‘s tenth anniversary, published in Heavy Feather Review!

Here’s excerpt:

“The particular alienation we face now, especially as artists, as conscientious people generally, is increased, ironically, by our supposed interconnectedness, by technological connections engendering a disconnection that renders us worse than islands in some massive archipelago, worse than clouds quickly evaporating in electronic ether, but as nuts and bolts within the corporate death machine. Lately, people have been wearing out the already worn-out phrase ‘now more than ever,’ like ‘we need writers now more than ever,’ etc. But what ‘when’ didn’t need writers and other artists? Bad times? It’s always been bad. [Kathy] Acker said it years ago, and many others have said it before her throughout history. Making art in times of crisis is always challenging, sometimes seemingly impossible, but what time has been without crisis? And art—the making of it, the absorption of it—is one of the few things that help us understand the times, navigate through them, confront them; and sometimes, like a kind of miracle, it radically alters them, and us, for the better, for the stranger.”

New Fiction Published!

conj68a.jpgHappy to share that “The House That Jack Built,” a new fiction of mine, appears in Conjunctions:68, Inside Out: Architectures of Experience, alongside work by Robert Coover, Joyce Carol Oates, Lance Olsen, Nathaniel Mackey, Susan Daitch, Frederic Tuten, Joanna Scott, Andrew Mossin, Claude Simon, Louis Cancelmi, Cole Swensen, Robert Clark, Kathryn Davis, Elizabeth Robinson, Gabriel Blackwell, Monica Datta, Robert Kelly, Mary South, Brandon Hobson, Ryan Call, Ann Lauterbach, Can Xue, Karen Gernant, Chen Zeping, Matt Reeck, Lisa Horiuchi, Elaine Equi, G. C. Waldrep, Lawrence Lenhart, Mark Irwin, Justin Noga, Karen Hays, and Karen Heuler.


New Fiction Forthcoming

Happy to share that Saranac Review will be publishing “No Stranger to You and Me,” one of my fictions, in their next print issue: #13, Fall 2017.

Thanks, Elizabeth Cohen and J.L. Torres!


New Fiction Published!

Very happy to have “Reflections of a Walking Ruin” in this month’s issue of Numéro Cinq.